Join us

We’re always happy to see new members! Although to keep a good musical balance we don’t always have vacancies in all parts – check below for details.

On a Thursday evening in Carlisle (near Victoria Park) from 7.00 till 9:15, you can come and learn some of this year’s new songs.  Although we pay attention to Simone our musical director while we’re practising, we’re a friendly bunch so we find time to chat in the breaks, and the night-owls often stay out at the local cafe afterwards.  You can come along up to four times as a prospective member before being invited to audition to join the ensemble, which involves singing one of the songs we’ve been practising.  Once you’ve joined, you’ll be singing with us in our own concerts, and helping us entertain the appreciative local community in venues from civic centres to farmers markets.  You might come to one of the choral events in Dunsborough, Guildford or around Perth, and in the lead-up Christmas you’ll be carolling at both private and public functions, before a well-earned break in January.  All we ask for in return for this sociable life of musical excitement is $50 per month membership fee, regular attendance at rehearsals and – watch the conductor! 😉

Our members are almost as diverse as our music – with many ages and backgrounds of people from parents of toddlers to jet-setting retirees, singing a range of music from Bohemian folk songs to Bohemian Rhapsody, and from Blue Moon to Blue Christmas – so we’re confident you’ll find plenty to like.  Most of us can read music fairly well, and we also have some members who learn quickly by ear, but you can judge the standard for yourself if you come to a rehearsal.

When you’d like to come along and meet us, and find out more about whether our group is what you’re looking for, please first contact Angela on 0419 246 316 or at, who can answer any questions and make sure we have some music ready for you.


Current vacancies:

Soprano – YES

Alto – YES

Tenor – YES

Bass – YES